Well CAAA Little League has started for 2015. The big difference. You will not see me shooting this season due to retirement. Photos are still available from last season, but eventually this site will come down.

Where are all your photos??: Seems some of my clients are having a hard time finding some of the games I have shot. Only a few of the most recent Baseball/Softball games are displayed on my Website Home Page. To see all the Events I have shot, go to the top Header of my Home Page and look for "My Photographs", then select "All my photos" OR at the bottom are the Folders of all my different Events and games I have shot. Both methods will open up folders that will
show you different Events and all the Galleries that they hold.

Questions about Prices: To see pricing, explode one of the thumbnail images you are interested in. To the right is a lists of current prices. Right clicking on the image will allow you to buy or place the image in your Favorites.

Below are a few links to videos that will help you with this site.

If you have any questions about my site, feel free to call me at 352 4908800 or email me at dave_eicher@yahoo.com

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